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Port of Philadelphia Breaks Its Shipping Container Handling Records

  The Port of Philadelphia may not spring to mind as one of the busiest in the US but it is fast approaching the Top 20 and growing year on year. In August 2017, PhilaPort (as it was rebranded earlier this year) set a new local...

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It’s tough to make a case for corrugated steel shipping containers being beautiful but they can certainly be converted into striking and novel retail units that stand out in a crowded marketplace. They can also be constructed at relatively low cost, in comparison to conventional...

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‘Starburst’ Home Pushes the Envelope in Shipping Container Architecture

Our blogs have showcased some incredibly striking and innovative shipping container architecture over the past few months but the 'starburst-design' project must be one of the most remarkable yet. Officially dubbed the 'Joshua Tree Residence', this remarkable 2,100-square-foot dwelling will eventually sit incongruously in the...

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Intermodal Rail Freight Remains Vital to the Global Shipping Industry

There is a great deal of focus on the transportation of goods by specialized container ships, but first those consignments need to find their way to the docks. This task is accomplished by using an intermodal rail freight network and huge fleets of large trucks....

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The World’s Busiest Shipping Container Ports

Since the first fully intermodal, steel shipping container was launched, over 60 years ago, by US trucking entrepreneur Malcolm P McLean, this revolutionary method of haulage has grown exponentially and is now responsible for safely transporting  the majority of international cargo. The world’s busiest shipping...

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What Do Steel Shipping Containers Actually Carry?

The world's many Corten steel shipping containers (a recent estimate put the figure at 20 million) carry an extraordinary range of everyday and exotic goods. These truck-sized Conex boxes, which can be over 50-foot in length, have revolutionised international trade over the past 60 years....

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Conex Boxes Transformed into Police Boxes

Corten steel shipping containers of all sizes have been repurposed into an incredible range of uses by enterprising architects and interior designers all over the world, but even we were surprised when we spotted police forces getting in on the act. Conex boxes have now...

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The US Port of Savannah Expands to Handle the Largest Shipping Container Vessels

The east coast Port of Savannah, operated by the Georgia Ports Authority, has grown over the decades to claim the title of largest single shipping container terminal in the US. It’s also one of the most important destinations and busiest in the global shipping container...

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Blockchain Technology Could Resurrect the Shipping Container Industry

It’s no secret that the $150 billion global shipping industry has been under immense pressure since the financial crisis of 2008, forcing operators to develop increasingly creative methods of streamlining costs and improving efficiency. They say necessity is the mother of invention and this has led...

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GAD shipping container art gallery

The Art of Shipping Containers

London, England is soon to boast one of the world’s most exciting arts facilities. Whilst the city is already home to established, world renowned art galleries, showing everything from old masters to contemporary sculpture, “Silvertown Studios” will become home to 151 artists’ studios. Sea Container Studios...

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