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Shipping containers Boston | Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts has a rich and colorful history in the shipping industry, going all the way back to the Boston tea party and Port Shipping Containers Boston look to add to that history by supplying new and used shipping containers across the state of Massachusetts. Port Containers have highly competitive prices on all the different size containers we stock, which include 20′, 40′, 45′, and 48′ shipping containers ready and available to purchase or rent.

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The Widest Range of Shipping Containers in Boston and Massachusetts

We offer you an extensive selection of general purpose and specialist Conex boxes for either collection or delivery across Boston and the state of Massachusetts. versions available include open top containers, flat racks, high cubes, insulated and refrigerated (alternatively known as reefers). If you are unsure what type of shipping container best suits your needs, please our friendly sales team, who will be happy to offer advice.

Containers Ideal for Either Shipping or Storage Purposes

Corten steel is an extremely strong alloy which also features the unique ability to resist corrosion for long periods, thanks to a special layer that allows a petina of rust to form on the surface of a shipping container over time, yet not penetrate the deeper steel superstructure to cause lasting damage. This makes boxes made from Corten steel ideal for transporting goods safely, regardless of all that the weather and raging ocean storms can throw at it.

Our range also features models designed to store or ship the thousands of tons of perishable goods that move in and out of the busy Port of Boston on a daily basis, including fish, meat, dairy products, frozen food and wines. Once on board cargo vessels, refrigerated shipping containers can be monitored by computer to ensure fixed temperatures are maintained throughout the voyage.

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