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How Are Shipping Containers Loaded and Stacked?

All shipping containers are cumbersome, unwieldy beasts, which means transferring them between trucks, trains and ships is no task for amateurs. An empty 40-foot steel shipping container container weighs in at a hefty 8,600lbs (tare weight) but fully-laden it can reach over 67,000lbs (33 tons) which...

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Shipping Containers Chicago | Illinois

Port Containers USA is one of the biggest players in America’s shipping container industry, supplying premium quality Conex boxes for rental or purchase to Chicago businesses. Fast Deliveries Across Chicago and Illinois We regularly deliver containers across the Chicago Metropolitan Area and surrounding counties. If you need...

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Choosing the Right Shipping Container for the Task

Standard shipping containers haven’t changed a great deal since Malcolm McLean’s original brainchild first saw light, back in 1955. They remain the rugged, steel boxes that you can see at docks around the world, from New Jersey to New South Wales. What has changed is...

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Keeping Track of Shipping Containers

Believe it or not, there are thought to be around 17 million steel shipping containers currently in existence on the planet. To put that figure into context - that’s approximately two containers for each citizen of New York City! Of that number, around a quarter are...

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Shipping Containers San Francisco | California

Port Containers USA rent and sell the highest quality, steel shipping containers in San Francisco. We also operate right across California and the rest of the States. We offer not just a full range of Conex boxes in a variety of sizes but also provide...

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Shipping Containers Kansas City | Missouri

Port Containers USA supply high-quality, steel shipping containers for rental or purchase, at extremely competitive prices. If you’re based in Kansas City, Missouri and looking to source standard Conex boxes or specialized containers to ship or store awkward or perishable loads, ours is the first...

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Shipping Containers Detroit | Michigan

Port Containers USA offer Detroit businesses the finest quality, steel shipping containers for purchase or rental. We deliver regular Conex boxes plus a range of specialized units throughout the Motor City and across the state of Michigan. Shipping Containers Delivered Directly to Your Location We promise fast...

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Shipping Containers Miami | Florida

If you are a Miami-based business or individual, looking to rent or buy high-quality, steel shipping containers, Port Containers USA is the place to come. We deliver standard Conex boxes in a range of sizes plus specialized units for all your awkward loads or those...

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Shipping Containers Houston | Texas

If you are based in the Houston area and need to purchase or rent a high-quality, steel shipping container, Port Containers USA have one of the widest ranges available in the city and across Texas. Alongside all our regular Conex boxes, we provide specialist containers...

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Shipping Containers Atlanta | Georgia

Port Containers USA’s Atlanta depot is one of our busiest, thanks to the huge amount of international and domestic freight that passes through the city each year. We supply top-quality, steel shipping containers for rental or purchase, including special versions for tall, awkward or perishable...

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