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Shipping Container Security

The security of the ever-expanding fleet of container ships that ply the world’s oceans is an issue that Port Containers USA and the wider shipping industry take extremely seriously. Shipping Container Security is a critical focus for Port Shipping USA when maintaining the safety of goods,...

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Cargo Containers for Sale and Rental

Port Containers is America’s number one Specialist when it comes to purchasing a new or used cargo containers for sale and rental. We stock a variety of standard and specialized products for immediate delivery America wide. Choose from either 20′ or 40′ sizes which are...

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Conex Box for Sale

Here at Port Containers you can find a wide range of Conex box for sale to suit all your storage needs. Whether you are after a simple storage solution, or you're after a specialized product for a specific purpose, we have the equipment ready for immediate...

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Container Grades

Our shipping container are available in new and used condition. These are defined as shipping container grades which are detailed below. New Build Containers New Build Containers – We generally refer to these units as new if they have been manufactured in the current or previous year...

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This One Simple Item Could Have Radically Changed History As We Know It

I am an avid fan of looking at historical events and wondering about how vastly different things may have turned out if it wasn't for this or that or another reason. What if Lincoln's assailant had forgot to put a bullet in his Philadelphia Deringer, or...

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Celebrating 145 Years of the Suez Canal in Egypt

Historically, Egypt has been in the supply chain business for a very long time, and modern shipping methods still rely on its Suez Canal. [caption id="attachment_618" align="alignnone" width="576"] image from:[/caption] The Suez Canal is the first canal to link together the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea,...

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Creative Ways to Grow an Economy with Shipping Containers

If there's one thing every human being has in common, it is that every one of all 7+ billion of us Earthlings are connected by the supply chain. Virtually every good or service that is part of our day, many of the buildings we walk...

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Saving Money on Transporting Shipping Containers

Saving money on transporting shipping containers can be challenging. When you need to move freight across the world, it’s easy to add to your bill. There is labor to move the merchandise, fuel costs for shipping, plus a ton of work on the logistics side....

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Shipping Container Types

There are various shipping container types that carry different benefits for the manufacturer. Freight is carried by truck, train or boat all over the world, but the needs of every shipment are different. Below are the main shipping container types that manufacturers use to ship...

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How Shipping Containers Improve Healthcare in Developing Countries

There is a lot of work being done in developing countries with the goal of bringing healthcare to the masses. Reaching people in remote villages can be a difficult prospect, not just in funding but in access as well. However, portable shipping containers are finding new...

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