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Measuring Your Goods for the Right Shipping Container

Measuring your goods is essential to work out the right shipping container for you. Planning your move requires careful consideration of what you plan to ship, including the dimensions of those objects. Shipping goods overseas requires a crate that can stand up to the elements. These crates can get expensive,...

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Refrigerated Container Overview

Only a refrigerated container is specifically designed to store temperature sensitive cargo. Do you have perishable items or need to keep your goods cool? Let's have a quick overview at refrigerated containers and why they are essential to store or ship certain goods. Keep Your Goods Cool in...

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Repurposing Shipping Containers

Repurposing shipping containers can give old shipping containers new lives, such as a portable office or even a full-blown portable home. A brand new conex container can serve its owner well for a number of years, but more people are finding uses for retired containers that...

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Build a Portable Home from a Shipping Container

Building a home from scratch is no small feat. That’s why companies like Port Containers USA can help customers to build a portable home from a shipping container. Three 40 foot shipping containers can be used to create a living space that is 1000 square feet. Conceive Your...

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High Cube Container Overview

Here’s a brief overview of the high cube container and why it might be the perfect container for your shipping or storage needs. High Cube Container Size Our high cube shipping containers for sale are much like our standard shipping containers; they are made with the best-quality steel, timber...

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Maintaining Shipping Containers

Maintaining your shipping containers well will make them last longer. Follow these tips will help you keep the paint and the materials lasting a long time. Portable storage containers are necessary investments, but they still require upkeep. A good shipping container can last for many years...

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How to Buy a Used Shipping Container Online

Shipping containers are useful for transport on barges and flatbeds, especially if you need to move bulk materials around a work site or store them for the winter. If you want to save some costs you can buy a used shipping container, or if you...

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Shipping & Storage Containers for Sale and Rental

Port Containers is America’s number one Specialist when it comes to purchasing a new or used shipping container for sale. We stock a variety of standard and specialized products for immediate delivery America wide. Choose from either 20′ or 40′ sizes which are available in...

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Buy Used Shipping Containers Cheap

Port Containers USA stock a large range of second hand containers for sale that are available in a range of container grades. Our 'as-is' used shipping containers are extremely cheap and can be purchased straight off the stack. These used containers are brought in directly from...

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Shipping containers Los Angeles | California

Port Containers USA aren’t just one of the largest and most respected suppliers of premium shipping containers in Los Angeles but also operate throughout California and beyond. Shipping Containers Los Angeles distributes our standard Conex boxes or any of their specialized variations for purchase or rental. Fast...

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