Shipping Container Shelters


Shipping containers are the perfect way to increase your storage space at your home or worksite, and we've found that many people are taking advantage of the low cost advantages of owning or hiring a shipping container because of this. Port Container Services are continually thinking of storage ideas to solve your storage problems, and have come up with a way to increase your shipping container storage area. We can now offer shipping container shelters that help maximise your covered storage space between your shipping containers.

What are Shipping Container Shelters?

A container shelter is a high strength roofing system that mounts on top of your existing shipping containers to created a covered floor space for additional storage of trucks and large industrial equipment, fertilisers or chemicals, equipment and machinery, market gardens and nursery consumables, vehicles, buses, trains and trams and mechanical workshops. Our container shelters are cyclone rated and are engineered to AS/NZS min 140km/h and are available up to 270km/h rated. They are also Australian made and can be delivered anywhere in Australia. With an extremely sturdy design, made from high quality steel framework and a polyethylene waterproof cover that is guaranteed to last with a 10 year warranty.

No foundations are required for the container shelters, frame footings are either bolted or welded to your containers. Our Container Shelters are also ideal for shade for trucks, tractors, headers, harvesters and machinery. Container Shelters come in a variety of sizes to suit any application

Container Shelter Features

  • Simple to construct without building license. We can also assemble for you.
  • Transportable models available
  • 6-16 m wide and 6-30+ m length
  • Can be custom manufactured to your requirements
  • Low radiant heating
  • Standard units handle winds up to 152kph 41mps).
  • Higher wind ratings up 316 kph available by quote.
  • Variety of attractive colours
  • Total sun block out by quote
  • No beams for roosting birds
  • Tensile Membrane
  • Can be stand alone or built on containers, walls or posts.
  • We can apply your company's brand to the roof of the container shelter.
  • Large range of additional accessories available
  • Available Australia wide with fast delivery
Shipping Container Shelters