New and Used Shipping Containers For Sale

We have a range of new and used shipping containers available for sale and hire and come in both 20′ and 40′ sizes. All of our shipping containers feature double swing doors that open to a wide 270 degrees for easy loading, multiple tie down anchore points insite the container and trated timber flooring. All our containers are built with high quality steel components with 3mm marine grade corten steel sheeting. We can also fit a security lock box for extra peace of mind to ensure you contents is safe and secure.

Below you can find the dimensions for our standard shipping containers, though we also have a range of specialised containers available:

Shipping Container Grades

There are a range of shipping container grades to choose from depending on your budget, these include New Builds, Cargo Worth, and As Is units. These grades are available for most of our products including our standard general purpose containers, high cubes, side openers and refrigerated containers.

New Build Containers:
New Build containers are recently manufactured units that have been shipped from China with a cargo load. These units are an excellent choice because they have only been exposed to the elements for a brief amount of time and have not been handled as many times, so they will not have damage and surface rust like the used “AS IS” units. These port shipping containers still make one ocean journey and have been handled by fork lifts and trucks, so they often will have the odd cargo mark or a dent or two. These units are in excellent condition and are perfect if you do not want to deal with maintenance or the aesthetics of used containers. They are manufactured with Corten Steel which is a type of weathering steel that uses alloying elements to augment the atmospheric corrosion resistance of the steel. The addition of these elements also results in a high strength steel. New Build shipping containers are painted in a controlled environment using multiple layer paint application. Generally they will have been painted one solid color.


Cargo Worthy” Containers:
“Cargo worthy” containers are suitable for ocean going transport of cargo or long term storage. A cargo worthy container will have been surveyed or certified by a licensed surveyor. Regardless of whether you plan to ship your container overseas or not, a certified container will insure that you will not receive a damaged unit. If you require the unit to travel via ship you must select a surveyed cargo worthy container. The survey criteria is based on condition of the doors, floor, walls and ceiling and structural integrity of the shipping container as a whole. They are suitable for long term storage household goods and personal effects.

Used “AS IS” and “WWT” (Wind and Water Tight):
“AS IS” Containers are the cheapest option when buying a shipping or storage container. “AS IS” units are used as shipping containers for a number of years then retired from service by shipping or leasing companies.  Storage and Shipping containers are often categorized as, “WWT” (wind and water tight) or “AS IS”. Generally they are between 7 and 15 years old and will have surface rust where they are scratched and multiple dents and dings from being handled by fork lifts and trucks over the course of their life. They are perfect for the storage of building materials, tools and industrial equipment.