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40’ Flat Rack Intermodal Containers

40’ Flat rack intermodal containers are 12 metres in length, however don’t have any side walls or a roof. These containers are specialised units with fixed end walls, collapsible end walls or removed end walls. Port Containers offer 40’ Flat racks brand new and second hand. They are stackable containers, and often used for the transport of machinery or awkward sized equipment. Equipment such as water tanks, industrial parts or construction materials.

40′ Flat Rack Intermodal Containers for Heavy Weight Goods

40’ Flat rack intermodal containers have heavy weight ratings for any product that requires transport locally or overseas that is large in weight and size. The optional end walls allow for the flat rack container to be stacked on top of one another several times high. This will give you more space on your site or property if the flat racks are used for different purposes and don’t need to be used permanently. When you are loading your heavy cargo, it is recommended that the cargo is distributed evenly over the floor structure to ensure secure and simple transportation of the unit with your goods.

Second Hand Flat Rack Intermodal Container

A second hand flat rack intermodal container will hold its value over time, because these are a specialised unit they are in high demand globally for all kinds of transport and private use. Local farmers are buying these containers to use as bridges on their farms. They love that this option is cost effective in comparison to the building materials that go into making a bridge! They are also removable, if the bridge is no longer required! These are a great solution for anything that requires a high weight rating, or transport of a product that isn’t of the norm.

Flat Rack Intermodal Container Specifications

MAX PAYLOAD99208 lbs
TARE WEIGHT11023 lbs
CAPACITY2002 ft³

Platform and Collapsible Flat Racks

The above dimensions are for a standard Flat Rack Intermodal Container. Other models include Platform and Collapsible Flat Racks.
*Dimensions & weight may differ nominally depending on manufacturer.

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