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Advancement in Tracking Shipping Containers

Advancement in tracking shipping containers is helping the shipping industry to cut losses for manufacturing.

The loss of shipping containers at sea is one of the prime contributors to stock loss for manufacturers at the international level. Fortunately, the shipping industry has identified methods to improve the information they do have. This will eventually lead to major improvements in the area of shipping and delivering crates around the world.

Track More Data on a Shipping Crate

A new technology known as “Radio-Frequency Identification” allows shipping companies to track a lot more data about a shipping crate, and provide updates about that crate throughout transit. One big change will come in the form of weighing containers. This is currently not common practice for shipping companies, but it has huge benefits for companies that ship Conex Containers. More efficient stacking is one big benefit, but RFID will also allow more control over the cold chain that perishable food suppliers require to keep stock safe.

Better Documentation for Better Shipping Container Supply Line

The cold chain is crucial to shipping goods overseas, but manufacturers typically lose a portion of this data throughout transit. With better documentation, these companies would be able to identify improvements to their supply line that keep the cold chain solid. Shipping companies also don’t have any standards with regards to documentation, so there is the opportunity to mix up paperwork or to receive information that is incomplete.

Better Data brings benefits to the Shipping Industry

All of these advances aren’t likely to happen overnight, but they will bring big benefits to the shipping industry. Better data on weights and measures means steel containers can be secured over rough seas, minimizing stock loss.

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