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American Architect Inspires with Montana Container Home

The use of shipping containers for both commercial and residential building projects has been becoming a part of mainstream architecture in Australia for years. From a stunning luxury container home to portable pop-up shops, builders have been finding unique ways to use these ultra-durable steel ‘building blocks’ to create cheaper, more sustainable buildings.

The US is finally starting to realise the benefits of swapping traditional construction materials for shipping containers as well. Architect and artist, Ty Kelly designed, built and just recently put on the market a gorgeous, light-filled home, made from two shipping containers.

The Montana Shipping Container Home

What makes this build so remarkable is the innovative design – and the price. Kelly put his creation on the market for only $125,000 US. The low price tag makes container homes an attractive option for those who want a beautiful home at an affordable price.

The Montana home is a sleek, modern, one-bedroom with an entire wall of glass. The idea behind the glass wall was to open up the space to the breathtaking mountain views of Livington, Montana, where the home was constructed. The design creates the feel of being outside in nature, whilst standing in the comfort of an eco-friendly, modern-styled, cosy home.

Sustainable Living

The Montana home was made from recycled conex boxes for the building envelope, salvaged plywood for the interior architectural elements, and reclaimed wood for the floor. Kelly used cedar plank on the exterior to help insulate the home, as on its own, steel isn’t a good insulating material.

The most fantastic part about this modestly-sized shipping container home? It’s portable. The property was quickly snatched off the market and the new owners are planning on transporting it to a new location.

This container home has already sparked more interest for shipping container builds in the States, and Kelly expects to continue working with shipping containers, seeing the possibilities for residential living, vacation homes, and even homeless shelters.

Australia, a nation made up of port cities, may be leading the way in visionary shipping container architecture. However, the trend is picking up overseas, from forward-thinking infrastructure projects in the Middle East to trendy homes in the US. This is only a good thing for everyone. Using recycled shipping containers to create new builds saves resources whilst also repurposing some of the millions of steel containers that travel from port to port every year. Nothing compares to the sustainability, versatility and endless design potential of the world-changing, yet humble shipping container.