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Awesome Uses for Repurposed Shipping Containers

Increasingly Creative Uses for Shipping Containers

In the past, Port Containers USA have showcased some pretty creative uses for good old shipping containers in our blogs, including multi-storey hotels, boutiques, hip urban bars, cafés and even some very cool swimming pools. It seems that there is no end to the way in which architects and designers think out-of-the-box when it comes to creating whatever comes to their minds from repurposed shipping containers.

Engineering Companies Rising to the Challenge

Whilst these innovative ideas may look great on the designer’s computer screen, it takes a certain type of creative engineer to turn the dreams into reality. Fortunately, a large number of forward-thinking engineering companies in the US and around the world have risen to the challenge. Many offer a full project management and consultancy service, including initial blueprints, planning permission applications, interior design and full installation onsite. If you are considering purchasing a steel shipping container from Port Containers for modification, we highly recommend that you choose an engineering company with a proven track record, who can show evidence of previous successful projects. You may even want to go visit some of their modified shipping container creations and see the work for yourself.

A Brooklyn Farm Built Entirely from Shipping Containers!

An urban farm right in the heart of New York City is strange enough, but add the fact that it was created using steel shipping containers and you get the feeling that we’re clearly not in Kansas anymore! It’s perhaps no surprise to learn that this project was the brainchild of Kimbal Musk, brother of SpaceX founder and product architect at Tesla, Elon Musk. Radical, creative thinking is clearly deep in the family genes.

Port Containers USA-shipping container farmThe Brooklyn scheme, Square Roots, consists of 10 separate, 320-square-foot, Corten steel shipping container farms, where young entrepreneurs develop vertical farming start-ups. The genius of vertical farming is that no soil or sunlight is required, because crops grow indoors under special LED lighting. The technique is so successful that a single repurposed shipping container can produce up to 50,000 lettuces in one year! Herbs like basil are also well-suited to this modern method of farming and one grower is already selling them to an upscale Italian restaurant.

Bridging the Gap with Retired Conex Boxes

Meanwhile, over in Israel, a 525-foot long ‘Econtainer’ bridge has been constructed across a lake near Tel Aviv, using a connected line of decommissioned repurposed shipping containers. It is the centrepiece of a project which has transformed one of the world’s largest garbage dumps into a flourishing, green space for all to enjoy. With an estimated 800,000 Conex boxes falling out of use each year the is plenty to be done with repurposed shipping containers, the bridge symbolizes the call for an increase in recycling and respect for the environment.

Port Containers USA-shipping container bridge

Voodoo Music and Arts Festival Held in Shipping Containers

Way down yonder in New Orleans, festival organizers six 40-foot repurposed shipping containers and transformed them into a venue for one of the south’s most vibrant arts events. The designe

r stated his aim to reflect the creative and unconventional nature of the occasion and the word VOODOO appeared as large, perforated cut-outs along the steel sides of the containers. Inside was a bar area and a VIP lounge.

Port Containers USA-arts festival buildings made from shipping containers

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