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40′ Cargo Container

If you’re after a little more storage space then our standard 20’ shipping container, then our 40’ cargo container units are what you want. With all the same features of a 20’ container (built from high-strength corten steel, double swing doors, timber flooring and internal container...

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20′ Conex Container

Our most popular product would have to be our 20’ conex containers. These 20' general purpose steel containers are available in both new and used condition to suit most budgets – please refer to our container grades for more information (click here). Standard shipping containers are mainly used...

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40’ Refrigerated Intermodal Containers

40’ Refrigerated Intermodal Containers are 12 metres in length, 2.44 metres in width and unlike the 20’ Refrigerated containers are a foot taller in height, which is 2.9 metres high (9’6) With additional height, if you are looking for the maximum storage space, with a...

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Insulated Conex Box for Long Term Storage

Insulated Conex Box are decommissioned refrigerated units. Ranging from 20 ft to 40 ft in size, these units are perfect for hotter months of the year, particularly in remote areas within the US. Constructed from stainless steel and alloy so they won’t rust, insulated containers are...

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General Purpose Intermodal Containers

Port Containers supply a range of new and used general purpose intermodal containers to all American states. These intermodal containers come in 20' and 40' to accommodate any move, and these general purpose intermodal containers are practically fresh off the line. Ordering new saves you from dents and other...

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20’ Flat Rack Intermodal Containers

20’ Flat Rack Intermodal Containers are manufactured from steel, with collapsible and fixed ends available for your Flat Rack container requirements. However these ends can be removed if required for your site or property. Often used for interstate transport of large machinery or equipment these...

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20’ Open Top Conex Box for Machinery Transport

A 20’ Open Top Conex Box is a specialised Shipping container often used for machinery transport. It is made from steel with corrugated walls, and as a standard it also has a 30mm marine ply flooring. Available in second hand and brand new, these are also available with a...

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20’ Refrigerated Conex Box

20’ Refrigerated Conex Box are 6 metres in length, 2.44 metres in width and 2.6 metres in height. They can store your items in a temperature range between minus 25 and 25 degrees. A 6 metre container can store approximately a three bedroom home and if...

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Container Grades

Our shipping container are available in new and used condition. These are defined as shipping container grades which are detailed below. New Build Containers New Build Containers – We generally refer to these units as new if they have been manufactured in the current or previous year...

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Open Top Conex Box

Looking for an open top Conex box for your next shipping or storage project? Open top boxes are available in 6 metres length, or 12 metres length. These have soft top tarpaulins, however also available in hard tops. The tarpaulin roof has bow supports and a removable...

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