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What Bigger Ships Mean for Intermodal Containers

Newer and larger barges mean more goods can be moved all around the world at a faster rate. A bigger class of ship is coming to the seas of the world, and with it comes more opportunity to efficiently transport goods around the globe. Here are...

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Advancement in Tracking Shipping Containers

Advancement in tracking shipping containers is helping the shipping industry to cut losses for manufacturing. The loss of shipping containers at sea is one of the prime contributors to stock loss for manufacturers at the international level. Fortunately, the shipping industry has identified methods to improve...

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Tips for Buying Shipping Crates

Before you buy your shipping crate, make sure you know which container is the most suitable for your needs. How do you know which shipping container will hold all of your stock? Small questions like these can make the difference between an affordable and an...

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Shipping Cargo Overseas

Shipping cargo overseas requires careful planning, and the proper shipping container. If you plan to ship cargo overseas for business purposes, you’ll need to follow some specific guidelines to make sure your stock arrives safely. ISO containers are well outfitted for sea travel, but there are...

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Choosing the Right Storage Container

This list of tips will help you choose a storage container for long-distance transport across the country, or internationally. Shipping containers come in all shapes and sizes to fit whatever your shipping needs. With the right container, you can cut your costs on moving and unloading stock....

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Use a Refrigerated Container to Keep Your Perishable Food Safe

Keep your perishable food safe and cut down on food loss by using a refrigerated container, and inspect your stock thoroughly. The USDA estimates that upwards of ten percent of all food stock is lost in transit, or in storage. In order to cut down on...

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How to Revitalize Used Storage Containers

You can save hundreds on shipping costs if you buy used storage containers before your move. Used storage containers can be a great bargain for businesses that need to ship goods. They are cheaper than their newer counter parts, and look brand new with just a...

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Measuring Your Goods for the Right Shipping Container

Measuring your goods is essential to work out the right shipping container for you. Planning your move requires careful consideration of what you plan to ship, including the dimensions of those objects. Shipping goods overseas requires a crate that can stand up to the elements. These crates can get expensive,...

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Refrigerated Container Overview

Only a refrigerated container is specifically designed to store temperature sensitive cargo. Do you have perishable items or need to keep your goods cool? Let's have a quick overview at refrigerated containers and why they are essential to store or ship certain goods. Keep Your Goods Cool in...

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Repurposing Shipping Containers

Repurposing shipping containers can give old shipping containers new lives, such as a portable office or even a full-blown portable home. A brand new conex container can serve its owner well for a number of years, but more people are finding uses for retired containers that...

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