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Repurposed Shipping Containers | Shipping Container Duplex in East Austin

Today we continue our series of posts about innovative uses of shipping containers. If you think that shipping containers only serve one purpose, it's time to change your thinking. These versatile containers can be reused in a variety of exciting ways, including to create unique...

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Repurposed Shipping Containers | Eco-Cabin in South Africa

This is the second in our series of blog posts showcasing unique uses of shipping containers from around the world. In this installation, we are featuring an incredible eco-cabin in South Africa. This property demonstrates that shipping containers can be used for so much more...

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Repurposed Shipping Containers – Common Ground 

Shipping containers are often used for transporting goods, disposing of trash, storing items and other tasks. However, these repurposed shipping containers offer more possibilities than their standard uses. This is the first of a series of 10 posts showcasing some of the amazing ways that...

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Shipping Container Culture Hubs Popping Up Over UK

In the UK, shipping containers are being used to create cutting-edge commerce, business and culture hubs. These trendy hotspots have a unique appeal. Because they are built from steel shipping containers, they are flexible and inexpensive. The latest container market, planned for Reading in Berkshire,...

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When To Use A New or Used Shipping Container

Have you ever felt lost on the decision of when to use a new or used shipping container? A new or used shipping container can be repurposed for a range of practical, and even luxury uses, from waste removal to modern backyard swimming pools. They can...

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First Ever Shipping Container Stadium to Be Built in Qatar

An architectural masterpiece and a beacon of both sustainability and innovative design, Qatar’s third World Cup stadium is set to become the world’s first ever shipping container stadium to be built in Qatar (located in Ras Abu Aboud). This $200 billion-dollar project will highlight the vision of...

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Surprising Ways Shipping Containers Are Being Used Today

Versatile and durable, shipping containers have more to offer than simply serving as a mode of transport for goods and materials. In fact, they have become a popular modern design trend, from residential applications to office spaces and storefronts. As more people discover the benefits...

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American Architect Inspires with Montana Container Home

The use of shipping containers for both commercial and residential building projects has been becoming a part of mainstream architecture in Australia for years. From a stunning luxury container home to portable pop-up shops, builders have been finding unique ways to use these ultra-durable steel...

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World’s Largest Port Trials Container Automation

Containerisation transformed the global economy just over six decades ago by making the movement of cargo long distances an easier, faster and cheaper process. It was a revolution of efficiency, inspired by a trucking entrepreneur from North Carolina in the USA in the late 1950s. ...

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Port of Philadelphia Breaks Its Shipping Container Handling Records

  The Port of Philadelphia may not spring to mind as one of the busiest in the US but it is fast approaching the Top 20 and growing year on year. In August 2017, PhilaPort (as it was rebranded earlier this year) set a new local...

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