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Local Roots Hydroponic Farm

Businesses in Conex Boxes Springing Up Across The USA

Steel shipping containers continue to provide fast, modular solutions to building new businesses in Conex Boxes across the US. A glut of decommissioned Conex boxes that have come to the end of their average 20 to 25-year lifespan in the haulage business, ensures that there...

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Glasgow shipping container village

Shipping Container Architecture Fulfilling Its Potential

Across the Atlantic, in Ireland, the dire economic climate has put owning your their own homes far out of the reach of many. This has forced homeowners, architects and property developers to come up with fresh solutions and view the problem from a different angle....

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Clinic In A Can logo

Fully Functioning Clinical Suites In Shipping Containers

The great thing about shipping containers, built from robust Corten steel, is that they were designed from the start to be both portable and intermodal. The latter means they can be transferred seamlessly between ships, trains and trucks without the time and labour costs of...

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St Bede's School Built form Shipping Containers

Back to School – In a Shipping Container!

Shipping containers are built from marine-grade Corten steel and designed to withstand at least 20 years of transporting goods across the world’s oceans. But what do you do with these huge, steel boxes when they come to the end of their working lives? Designers have...

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Port Containers USA-shipping containers foe sale or rent

How Many Steel Shipping Containers Exist Worldwide?

Shipping Containers are now so ubiquitous around the world that we seldom even notice their presence. They simply merge into the background, despite their considerable bulk. Sometimes we don’t even realise we’re actually inside a Conex box when we visit offices, stores or even restaurants....

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Shipping Containers-Rubicon Agriculture

Yes, You Can Now Farm In A Shipping Container!

The seemingly modern practice of hydroponics – i.e. growing plants without the use of soil – was actually first recorded almost two thousand years ago in the Roman Empire. Fast-forward to Indianapolis 2017 and we find a team of young American entrepreneurs has embraced the...

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Cosco Development Shipping Container carrier

The Port of Virginia Receives its Largest Container Ship Yet

When the catchily-named container ship, COSCO Development, arrived at the Port of Virginia during the first week in May, it became the biggest container ship of any kind to dock there. This beast of a container ship dwarfs many aircraft carriers and is actually a...

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BRLO Brewery in Berlin made from shipping containers

Latest Berlin Micro-Brewery Built From Shipping Containers

Berlin has long been renowned as a global hub for avant garde art and culture. The German capital is currently host to well over 400 gallery spaces and teeming with an estimated 20,000 international artists, all actively pushing the bounds of creativity. They are drawn...

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Awesome Uses for Repurposed Shipping Containers

Increasingly Creative Uses for Shipping Containers In the past, Port Containers USA have showcased some pretty creative uses for good old shipping containers in our blogs, including multi-storey hotels, boutiques, hip urban bars, cafés and even some very cool swimming pools. It seems that there is...

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Shipping Containers New York | New York

Residents of the Big Apple are as smart as they come and know that if you are based in New York City and need a shipping container in a hurry, Shipping Containers New York is the company to call. Being one of the busiest deep-water...

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