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Future Is Bright for Repurposed Shipping Containers

We recently looked at fascinating shipping container modifications happening around the globe, including swimming pools and even large hotel projects, using stacked containers as modular building blocks. Some of the brightest minds in architecture have started to appreciate the huge potential in the use of...

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Shipping Containers New Orleans | Louisiana

Whether you need to transport goods or safely store them, Port Containers USA have the best steel shipping containers for sale or rental in New Orleans. With Shipping Containers New Orleans you can choose from our wide range of standard Conex boxes or specialized versions for your...

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Shipping Containers Omaha | Nebraska

Smart customers in Omaha know that Port Containers USA are the best supplier of steel shipping containers in Nebraska and throughout the country. Shipping Containers Omaha supplies top quality Conex boxes to rent or buy at great prices. Specialist containers available in various sizes for...

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Shipping Containers Memphis | Tennessee

For the finest steel shipping containers in Memphis, look no further than Port Containers USA, the No.1 supplier in the country. We sell more than just standard Conex boxes, including versions for hauling and storing oversized or perishable loads. Your Choice to Purchase or Rent a...

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Shipping Containers Cincinnati | Ohio

If you need to haul or store goods by the safest possible means, look no further than Port Containers USA, suppliers of the finest steel shipping containers in Cincinnati. We have standard Conex boxes in a choice of lengths, plus a wide range of specialized...

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Shipping Containers Minneapolis | Minnesota

Steel shipping containers have long been the safest and most secure means of transporting or storing valuable cargoes, and they don’t come any finer than those supplied by Port Containers USA. Our Minneapolis depot supplies standard Conex boxes, up to 48-feet in length, and special...

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Holiday Inn built from shipping containers

Global Hike in Shipping Container Price Suggests Growth in International Trade

As we head into the second quarter or 2017, the average global price of steel shipping containers has risen to its highest level since October 2015, representing an encouraging increase in international trade. This welcome news follows several years of lacklustre growth in the Conex box...

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Shipping Containers Portland | Oregon

Portland businesses hoping to rent or buy the finest quality shipping containers in the country, know that Port Containers USA is the company to trust. Our Portland depot supplies a full array of standard and specialized Conex boxes for all your long-distance transportation and storage needs....

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Shipping Containers Salt Lake City | Utah

Port Containers USA supply the widest range of steel shipping containers available in the Salt Lake City region at highly competitive prices. We offer Corten steel boxes in a convenient choice of lengths up to a colossal 48-feet, plus specialist units for all your oversized...

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Shipping Containers St Louis | Missouri

If you’re looking to rent or buy the finest steel shipping containers available in St Louis, Missouri, look no further than Port Containers USA. Standard or Specialist Shipping Containers Delivered Fast to Your Site Port Containers USA offer you an extensive range of general purpose and specialist...

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