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Container Grades

Our shipping container are available in new and used condition. These are defined as shipping container grades which are detailed below.

New Build Containers

New Build Containers โ€“ We generally refer to these units as new if they have been manufactured in the current or previous year and have only done a one way trip to America. Usually no dents on these units and guarantee no rust. Made of corten steel, a high tensile anti-corrosion steel, that is not only strong but secure and durable, capable of surviving extreme conditions. These containers are the best quality available.

Cargo Worthy Containers

Cargo Worthy Containers โ€“ These used containers are in good condition and are wind and water tight. All doors, doors seals and locking bars are checked and repaired if required. Any low areas on the roof are pushed up so as to avoid water pooling and rusting through the roof long term. All major dents are straightened out. There is some surface rust present though does not affect the integrity of the box.

As-Is Containers

As-Is Containers โ€“ These containers have minor problems such as rust, dents, missing door seals, and may have some small corrosion internally or externally. The shipping container may not be still wind and watertight, but it will be man proof. Any holes may have been fixed with auto body filler, solastic or flashtac which is a bitumen backed aluminium tape that will last longer than the container. The doors will shut.

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