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Build a Portable Home from a Shipping Container

Building a home from scratch is no small feat. That’s why companies like Port Containers USA can help customers to build a portable home from a shipping container. Three 40 foot shipping containers can be used to create a living space that is 1000 square feet.

Conceive Your Shipping Container Home

Part of conceiving your shipping container home involves permits and planning. You should have construction documents that authorize you to place the container on your land, and give firm boundaries of what you can and cannot do. If you require a special contractor to help convert an ISO container to a home, they must also have proof of these documents.

Build Your Portable Home

Excavate the foundation of the port home to be sure that you’re placing your new container home on stable ground. Whether you want to add a flat rack container to your home as a bridge crossing, or a container as a second office or outdoor garage, you will need to be sure it’s placed on firm ground. You should also install a septic system to your crate as needed.

You will also require specific modifications to make the port container livable, like windows or doors that are accessible from the inside. These situations often require special contractors to help assess the best methods of preparation and execution.

Live It

Some people utilize used storage containers for sale, and may purchase more than one in these cases. It’s important that the containers are crane lifted into position, and linked together for structural integrity. Once the container home is placed, you can install any fixtures you need.

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