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Choosing the Right Shipping Container for the Task

Standard shipping containers haven’t changed a great deal since Malcolm McLean’s original brainchild first saw light, back in 1955. They remain the rugged, steel boxes that you can see at docks around the world, from New Jersey to New South Wales. What has changed is the number of specialized units and the wide range of sizes now on the market.

Flat rack shipping container yellowPort Containers USA Will Recommend the Best Container for You

If it’s the first time you’ve ordered a shipping container the huge choice can seem rather daunting, however, our knowledgeable team at Port Containers USA is always on hand to help you make the right decision and ensure you don’t waste your hard-earned cash on a container you don’t need.

If you’re looking for simple storage space and have no plans to use your container for transportation purposes, a used 20 or 40-foot Conex box is a cost-effective solution. To give you an idea of how much a standard 20-footer can hold – you can squeeze in almost 100 washing machines or 6,000 pairs of sneakers! All our second-hand shipping containers are watertight, structurally sound and will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We can arrange fast, local delivery by truck (subject to access). But be sure to check that you don’t need planning permission before ordering, as mistakes can be expensive.

Moving Those Awkward and Oversized Loads

At Port Containers USA, we’ve helped many a stressed-out logistics manager solve the problem of moving tall, cumbersome equipment or vehicles that simply won’t fit into an 8’6” general-purpose shipping container. We have three basic options for in this scenario: high cube boxes, open tops or flat racks.

High cubes offer 9’6” of headroom, which equates to an extra 12% of useful load space. If this is still inadequate or your cargo simply won’t fit through the double-doors, you’ll need to look at an open top container. Although there’s no roof, open tops are still height restricted to 8’6” but, crucially, they allow top-loading by crane. Once aboard, rigid steel bows are placed across the opening and a waterproof tarpaulin stretched across them, to protect the contents from the elements.

When even our high cubes or open tops won’t do the job, the last resort is our flat rack containers. These have no walls or roofs and come with or without collapsible ends. Flat racks are ideal for shifting cumbersome loads, like large vehicles, heavy mining equipment or timber roof profiles for the construction industry.

Shipping or Storing Perishable Goods

Shipping containers are notorious for being freezing in winter and like ovens in summer, which is no use if you intend to use them for carrying or storing perishable food and drink or plants and flowers. Thankfully, Port Containers USA offer both insulated and fully refrigerated shipping containers (also known as reefers) for keeping goods at an even temperature. The latter require a truck or ship with suitable power source.

If you have any technical or logistical questions, please feel free to call out friendly team.

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