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Choosing the Right Storage Container

This list of tips will help you choose a storage container for long-distance transport across the country, or internationally.

Shipping containers come in all shapes and sizes to fit whatever your shipping needs. With the right container, you can cut your costs on moving and unloading stock. Some containers even have refrigeration, in case you need to ship perishable goods. Here are some pieces of advice on how to choose the right storage container for your business.

Flat Rack Container – Access Sideways and Above

When you unpack a storage container, it’s sometimes helpful to come at your stock from above or from the side. This is useful for industrial equipment and office furniture especially, but almost any industry could use more access. A flat rack container can solve this problem, providing open-air access to your stock from at least two sides, and above. This way, you can shift stock from the container using a crane, which might be more efficient than unloading by hand.

Storage Container Accessories

Storage containers with refrigeration units, or insulation, are especially valuable for shipping companies that work with perishable goods. The temperature regulation helps cut down on loss of stock, and is often required by law. For added security, install a lock box onto your container. This cuts down on potential theft onsite and during transit. You can also repaint your container if you want to show off your company’s branding.

Evaluate Your Goods Before Ordering a Storage Container

Before you coordinate a move of any kind, it’s important to evaluate what you need to pack. Once you’ve looked at the stock, and reviewed possible packing methods, you can order a storage container to fit your needs.

Quality Control

Quality control means that you have identified any trouble spots with your stock, and that you have taken steps to preserve what remains. Quality control also applies to transporting your stock, and verifying that the containers and shipping lines will be able to preserve your shipment until it reaches its destination. It’s important that your staff is trained on how to operate outdoor cooling systems, and how to properly store stock to maximize space. Management should also have an understanding of how the systems work, so they can budget for repair and replacement as needed.

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