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Customer Clarity and Transparency of Container Conditions

Cargo Worthy Containers

These containers are generally 8-12 years old. No two containers will gate out in the same in condition, and some are better than others.

PORT will guarantee our Cargo Worthy Containers (also referred to as B-Grade units in the industry) are guaranteed wind and water tight, structurally sound, and the doors will be operational secure and lockable.

But cosmetically, this budget entry level container ‘may’ have such issues as surface rust, dents and dings, slightly bent door rods, corrosion internally and externally, slight delamination to the flooring, stained floors, aging and patched door rubbers.

These containers are lifted down from the stack, surveyed to ensure they are wind and water tight and free of dunnage.

These containers are not recommended for high exposure locations (out the front of a domestic or commercial property) as they look rough.

Port Container Services Will Not Accept Returns or Provide Refunds on This Product.

Some extreme examples of Cargo Worthy Containers are as follows:

If you think our cargo worthy containers will not suit your requirements then we do offer higher grade containers that are in better condition. These include Painted Premium Grades and New Build Containers. More info below:

Painted Premium Grades

Premium Grades are second hand containers.

They are better quality second hand containers than a cargo worthy container, but still will have dents and dings.
They are prepared for paint by having any surface rust, cargo marks and any loose container decaling (that may be present) removed with a wire brush or flap disk.

The container is then painted in an industrial enamel (marine grade) paint externally.
We do not remove the original shipping lines decaling prior to paint.

The paint applied is a cosmetic coat of paint only, to assist in the container fitting in aesthetically with the environment in which you are positioning it.

Some examples of Painted premiums that have gated out last month are below

New Build Containers

New Build Containers are ‘one trip’ containers (transported only once, generally with cargo from Asia to Australia). They are like new condition with a few minor cosmetic imperfections, if any.

News build containers will be in survey for you to rail or ship for a minimum 4 years from date of purchase.
New Builds require minimal maintenance, and are aesthetically suitable for storage in almost any location.