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Conex Box for Sale

Here at Port Containers you can find a wide range of Conex box for sale to suit all your storage needs. Whether you are after a simple storage solution, or you’re after a specialized product for a specific purpose, we have the equipment ready for immediate delivery.

Transport office furniture, files, farm machinery and other equipment in an intermodal container. Useful for shipping long distances, these shipping containers are reusable. You can easily pack them onto a flatbed truck, or ship them via boat.

Different Types of Conex Boxes for Sale

Standard Conex BoxStandard Conex Boxes
These general purpose conex boxes are perfect for every day storage. Containers are available in twenty foot and forty foot varieties, and they come in a range of colors. Click here for more Conex Box info.
High Cube Conex BoxHigh Cube Conex Boxes
Provides additional storage space than your usual ISO container. Standing a full foot higher than our standard containers, these high cube conex boxes are useful for bulky items. Click here for more High Cube Conex Box info.
Side Opening Conex BoxSide Opening Conex Boxes
Gives you the ability to load your container easily through the side wall. Click here for more Side Opening Conex box info.
Refrigerated Conex Boxes
Keep your perishable goods fresh in a transportable refrigerated storage. Click here for more Refrigerated Conex Box info.
Insulated Conex Boxes
Keep your cargo at a steady temperature at all times. We can accommodate insulated container rental as well. Click here for more Insulated Conex Box info.
Flat Rack Conex Boxes
Your cargo won’t fit in the confines of a standard conex box? See our Flat Rack Conex Boxes. Click here for more Flat Rack Conex Box info.
Open Top Conex Boxes
Give you the ability to load your cargo through the roof of the container. Click here for more Open Top Conex Box info.

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