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Shipping Container Grades

Shipping Container Grades are used to classify the container condition. Shipping containers are used for many different purposes, and can spend many years at sea or on trucks and rail before they are retired for other projects. A well-maintained shipping container can do duty for 10 or 20 years. Other shipping containers are used just once on a one-way trip before being sold at their final destination. This happens when a shipment is just a one-off and a shipping container is not required in the future. Other times it is often more cost-effective and easier for a company to simply buy a new container each time and on-sell it, rather than arrange for it to be brought back and stored until it is needed again.

As a result, there are a lot of used and near-new shipping containers circulating around the country (indeed, around the world!) which are available to be used again for shipping, or to be refashioned into new purposes. And they’re available at an extremely competitive price.

Depending on the type of service they’ve seen, shipping containers come in a range of conditions. At Port Containers, we have three grades.

New or One-Trip Containers

New or one-trip containers have generally been manufactured in the current or previous year and have only been used on a one way trip to America. They are made of high-tensile anti-corrosion Corten steel and have no dents, rust or damage. These containers have usually transported light and clean goods like furniture, office goods, boxed goods or dry goods. They are the best quality available, and are ideal for high quality storage or for repurposing into a shipping container home or office.

Cargo-Worthy Containers

Cargo-worthy containers are used containers which are still in good condition and are wind and water tight. All doors, locking bars and door seals are checked and repaired, and any major dents are straightened out. There is some surface rust present, but this does not affect the integrity of the container. These containers are still seaworthy and can be used for shipping goods for many years. They are also an excellent and cost-effective choice as storage containers.

As-Is Containers

As-Is containers have minor problems such as rust, dents, and missing door seals. They may have some small corrosion internally or externally. The shipping container may not necessarily be wind and watertight, but it will still be very secure for storage. Holes are fixed with auto body filler, solastic or flashtac (a bitumen- backed aluminum tape that will last even longer than the container). The doors shut securely. Our ‘As-Is’ containers are suitable for storage (especially of machinery or farm goods for instance). They are also good for repurposing or modifying into a project or home where the container is being modified, and the tools and equipment are available.

Buy Your Shipping Container from the Experts

Whether you want a shipping container for storage, shipping, or to transform into a shipping container project that will really impress, one of our containers will be perfect for you. No matter what grade you choose, you can be sure that all our containers are of the highest quality, and that we have checked and inspected them prior to shipping to you. And they are extremely competitively priced. We also have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee so you can change your mind if you decide it’s not right for you. To order your shipping container, or to ask any questions, simply give us a call on 1888 307 2420. Or you can fill in our quote form, and we can send a price list out to you.