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Flat Rack Intermodal Container

Flat Rack Intermodal containers are available in 20 feet, or 40 feet and manufactured from steel. These units have very high loading rates, and mainly used for machinery transport interstate, local, or overseas. A flat rack intermodal container can have timber flooring or steel flooring, either is available for your preference. They do not have any side walls, only end walls that are available as collapsible ends, fixed ends or no ends at all. If you are transporting a product with a difficult shape (e.g. quite high, or extremely large in width), we offer storage containers for sale that will ensure your product is safely transported to its destination.

A Flat Rack Intermodal Container as a Bridge

Another popular use for a flat rack container is to build a bridge on local properties and farms. Due to the heavy loading rates, purchasing a flat rack for your property and using it as a bridge will save you costs in the materials one would usually use to build a bridge. We can deliver, and you can crane it into the position on-site. These units have a long life expectancy.

Flat Rack Intermodal Containers in Brand New or Second Hand

Flat rack containers are available in brand new, or second hand. The brand new units have had only one trip from China to our depot and are at the best condition you can buy. When purchasing brand new, the unit will be within survey for shipment from the date of manufacture for the next 5 years. When purchasing in bulk quantities, these are shipped to our depots within Australia in stacks of seven as a standard (this can vary). And can be railed or trucked in these stacks to your rural or local site for a great price. We also offer used shipping containers at a discounted price.

If your machinery is of an unusual size, or you have piping that needs strapping and transport then a flat rack container is the best product for your requirements. Ask your representative about our storage container rental program for short-term needs.

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