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Fully Functioning Clinical Suites In Shipping Containers

The great thing about shipping containers, built from robust Corten steel, is that they were designed from the start to be both portable and intermodal. The latter means they can be transferred seamlessly between ships, trains and trucks without the time and labour costs of unloading. This makes them ideal for converting into fully functioning surgeries or clinical suites in shipping containers for serving remote, rural communities or providing emergency medical relief to disaster zones around the world.

Clinic In A Can clinical suites in shipping containersClinic In A Can Provides International Medical Support

In 2002, having heard countless stories of people in inaccessible and isolated regions, dying during arduous journeys to distant hospitals, the originators of Clinic In A Can resolved to promote the ethos that every human being on the planet should have access to a high standard of health care, regardless of their geographical location. The company is striving to achieve its goal through a range of fully customizable medical facilities, housed in repurposed, corrugated steel, Conex boxes that might otherwise end up as scrap metal.

Shipping Containers Provide Vital Facilities Around the World | Clinical Suites In Shipping Containers

Kansas-based Clinic In A Can currently has operations in Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, the the Philippines and the UAE, as well as at home in the USA, where the converted clinical suites in shipping containers have been used in emergency disaster-relief and as isolation wards and mobile clinics. Provided the location can be reached by truck, their self-contained design and onboard solar power means they can operate virtually anywhere. This makes them perfectly suited to providing help in areas where electricity supplies have been interrupted by war or civil strife.

Clinic In A Can on Truck clinical suites in shipping containers

Fully Customizable Solutions Housed in Conex Boxes

Insulated shipping containers provide blank canvases for smart designers and engineers, who can convert them into exactly what’s required on the ground.  When it comes to power and running lighting and aircon systems, the emphasis is on green technology and sustainability. The shipping container clinical suites operate on less than 500 watts of electricity. Clinic In A Can even build isolation units for controlling infectious diseases, such as ebola. They boast toilets and waste disposal systems housed within negative-pressure environments.

High-End Fixtures and Fittings Can Be Specified

Internal cabinetry is bespoke and built to a high standard by Midmark Cabinetry, who are specialists in fitting-out medical facilities. They are experienced in creating primary and critical care units, surgical suites, trauma units, dental suites or any other treatment or therapeutic space demanded. Sophisticated climate control systems for the container clinical suites can be specified if required, as can hospital-grade flooring.

Clinic In A Can Interior clinical suites in shipping containers

Workstations and IT Systems Installed

Once the clinical suites in shipping containers are fully fitted-out, it can be difficult to tell that you’re not in a conventional clinical environment, such is the standard of work. Computerised patient monitoring systems, operatory lights, X-ray equipment, examination tables and dental chairs can all be installed for the user, plus any other medical equipment required. Due to the limited space available, great attention is paid by interior designers to the space optimization, ergonomics and workflow within the shipping container clinical suite.