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Future Is Bright for Repurposed Shipping Containers

We recently looked at fascinating shipping container modifications happening around the globe, including swimming pools and even large hotel projects, using stacked containers as modular building blocks. Some of the brightest minds in architecture have started to appreciate the huge potential in the use of repurposed shipping containers and are bringing increasingly innovative building designs to the market.

Although at Port Containers USA we don’t offer our own modification service, the high quality, Corten steel shipping containers we supply are perfect for the task of constructing all manner of buildings, and it’s now easy to find specialist engineering companies and designers who are happy to do the work for you. This week we thought it would be interesting to offer some inspiration, by looking at some of the latest projects being launched.

Container Homes Not Just for Hip West Coast Cities

While the container repurposing trend hit cool places like Portland and Seattle a few years ago, it’s taken longer no gain traction in the more conservative states of the Midwest. However, a local construction firm is now testing the market by launching both commercial and residential projects, using surplus Conex boxes.

Port Containers USA-tailgate concept

There’s a popular misconception that shipping container homes are cheap, but as the company’s owner pointed out, “That just isn’t the case. The container isn’t so much a building as a building material and a lot of work still must be done to make it into a home or office. But, what is great is that it’s going to last 100 years or more, if you take care of it properly, and you can’t say that about most manufactured homes”.

For those with less cash to spare, the company also builds hunting cabins for just $15,000,  plus they have a new tailgate concept ready to go, for use at sporting events. This involves portable, repurposed containers boasting bars and large TV screens.

New Shipping Container Concept Planned for Waco Texas

Meanwhile, in a novel project new to Waco, an ageing building called ‘The Containery’ will become the hub of a new retail and food village comprised entirely of steel shipping containers. The plan is to reject the big chains in favour or local retailers and food vendors. The operators hope to attract exciting businesses selling ice cream, wood-fired pizza, BBQ and burgers, alongside stores selling art, jewellery and fashion. 320-square-feet of shipping container space is currently on offer at $1,200 a month.

Stunning New Container Home in Pacific Heights

Pacific Heights in San Francisco has long been considered prime real estate, but who would’ve thought a new loft costing just shy of $5 million would be built from humble Corten steel shipping containers? But this is no ordinary home – the architects have retained the original façade and many of the historic features of what was once a tooth powder factory, to create a unique space with immense visual impact.

Port Containers USA-shipping containers for sale

Two corrugated steel shipping containers are cleverly stacked and cantilevered within the shell of the old factory, providing a guest suite on the lower level and a home office above. There’s also a Japanese-style hot tub, home theatre and chef’s grill, to name just a few of the incredible amenities.

Port Containers USA-containers for sale and rent

Shipping Container Architecture Limited Only by Imagination

This modular approach to building has huge potential. There’s currently a large surplus of steel shipping containers on the world market, ensuring costs remain low and availability high. Expect to see container homes and businesses springing up in your neighbourhood soon!

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