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High Cube Container Overview

Here’s a brief overview of the high cube container and why it might be the perfect container for your shipping or storage needs.

High Cube Container Size

Our high cube shipping containers for sale are much like our standard shipping containers; they are made with the best-quality steel, timber flooring, and feature double container doors. So what is the difference between the two? Height. While most standard shipping containers have a maximum height of 7’6”, a high cube container is about a foot taller at 8’6”. We carry two sizes of high cube containers, the 20’ and the 40’ ISO container.

Great for Storing Over Height Goods

Although it’s only a foot taller than our standard shipping containers, the high cube container might be exactly what you’re looking for. We recommend high cube containers for any type of cargo, but they are especially suited for lightweight large cargo and over height goods. In addition to transporting cargo, a high cube container can be used as a safe and durable storage container.

Buy or Rent Your High Cube Container

Our high cube containers are available for purchase or for rent. Whether you want to buy or rent a shipping container, you will be pleased with our prices. Without a middle man, we’re able to provide you with a conex container at wholesale cost.

To learn more about our high cube shipping containers or to get a quote, please contact Port Containers USA.