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How Shipping Containers Improve Healthcare in Developing Countries

There is a lot of work being done in developing countries with the goal of bringing healthcare to the masses. Reaching people in remote villages can be a difficult prospect, not just in funding but in access as well. However, portable shipping containers are finding new use as pop-up health clinics. These repurposed structures help doctors service a number of patients in a village with cost-efficiency.

Shipping Containers Turn Into Pop-Up Clinics

Pop-up clinics aren’t full-blown hospitals. They are structures made out of old shipping crates that carry supplies in them. Doctors can meet with patients in a village and run some rudimentary tests to figure out what a patient might be experiencing. The idea is that needs like vision and dental can get take care of easily, while patients can benefit from early detection of serious symptoms.

Shipping Container Pop Up Clinic Cost Savings and Security

The cost of an open top container dwarfs in comparison to setting up a hospital. The equipment and staff are the costliest parts of the project, and equipment is usually an investment that lasts. In addition, these containers can be sealed to protect the insides from theft. Overall, the goal is to provide safe healthcare in an area experiencing high instability.

Pop Up Clinics Reaching out to the Third World

Pop up clinics are the wave of the future, and will help to bring healthcare to secluded parts of the world that need it. They won’t solve every health crisis in the world, but they can be deployed on the front lines to identify and help stop the spread.

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