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How to Revitalize Used Storage Containers

You can save hundreds on shipping costs if you buy used storage containers before your move.

Used storage containers can be a great bargain for businesses that need to ship goods. They are cheaper than their newer counter parts, and look brand new with just a bit of work. Most used units are decommissioned, not broken, so you can save a lot on your move when you use second hand crates.

How To Paint Your Used Storage Container

There is a misconception that used means damaged. Often, all that is needed is a simple paintjob to revitalize the container. Make sure that you use paint that is water proof, and that you apply it over a primer layer to prevent colors bleeding through. You can even paint your logo onto the container face using a stencil.

Security for Your Used Shipping Container

Used shipping containers for sale can still be outfitted with a lock box to give you some added security. Each box is heavy duty, not easy to cut through, and they support different types of padlocks. The cross bar lock is like a latch that can be lifted to slide the door open, but a puck lock is very hard to pick or break. You can even use lock boxes, which leave little open space for someone to use bolt cutters.

Used Storage Containers Bring Good Savings

Used containers are not broken ones. You can add some extra security to them to protect your stock, and give it a whole new paintjob. You’ll save hundreds off of your moving costs, and you will have a crate that looks as good as a brand new container.

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