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Insulated Conex Box for Long Term Storage

Insulated Conex Box are decommissioned refrigerated units. Ranging from 20 ft to 40 ft in size, these units are perfect for hotter months of the year, particularly in remote areas within the US. Constructed from stainless steel and alloy so they won’t rust, insulated containers are 60mm thicker in the walls, roof and doors to ensure the temperature is kept to a minimum as opposed to your general purpose shipping container.

Insulated Conex Box to Protect Your Goods from the Heat

Insulated Conex Box can be used for general household storage, or that special item you need to protect from the heat. Our containers are especially useful for long-term storage, like a car or leather lounge. Whether a 20’ or 40’, we have the right conex box for sale that covers all your shipping needs.

These units are a great solution as a cost effective option for Insulated storage requirements. Insulated conex boxes are wind and water tight, vermin proof and structurally sound. They are also of an A grade quality which essentially means these containers can be certified for overseas shipping or your interstate rail.

Insulated Conex Box Perfect for Heavy Duty Items

Insulated containers also feature stainless flooring, perfect for heavy duty items. They have one set of double container doors on the end wall, giving you a 2.35m internal opening to allow easy access for your storage purposes.

Get a Lock Box for Your Insulated Conex Box

We recommend a lock box for usage with any conex containers. The lockbox is welded onto the double container doors, and you provide a padlock and key to keep your goods secure. This will ensure your items cannot be accessed and your container won’t be broken into. This accessory could save you money in the long run, so for a little added security we would always recommend purchasing a lockbox with your insulated shipping container.

Insulated conex boxes for sale are great for long-distance transport by tilt trays, hi-ab trucks, side loaders and semi’s.

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