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Maintaining Shipping Containers

Maintaining your shipping containers well will make them last longer. Follow these tips will help you keep the paint and the materials lasting a long time.

Portable storage containers are necessary investments, but they still require upkeep. A good shipping container can last for many years with proper upkeep. Containers are built to withstand the elements, and to hold up under extreme conditions during transport. The following tips are designed to help you maintain your shipping containers, maximizing your investment through years of reliable use.

Repainting The Shipping Container

Branding is a big concern for many companies that practice international shipping. Blue and green are the standard colors used, but containers can be painted to match any color you need. Portable storage containers also use marine-grade paint that is able to stand up to harsh conditions in the open sea. This is especially useful for used containers, which may show the effects of normal wear from usage.


As a general rule of thumb, you should only try to ship dry goods in a container that doesn’t have ventilation built in. Most shipping containers have at least one or two vents built in, some may have as many as ten. For most shipping operations, a standard container should be sufficient. With better ventilation, you also have the option of storing goods like important documents or office furniture without concern for the elements.

Get an ISO Shipping Container

An iso container is constructed to be quite durable. It uses marine-grade paint, which is waterproof, and all containers are built with sturdy plywood flooring that is typically waterproofed. Major sources for wear usually include the hinges on the door, and the lock box. These items are prone to heavy usage, which can degrade them over time if the mechanisms are not well lubricated.

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