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Measuring Your Goods for the Right Shipping Container

Measuring your goods is essential to work out the right shipping container for you. Planning your move requires careful consideration of what you plan to ship, including the dimensions of those objects.

Shipping goods overseas requires a crate that can stand up to the elements. These crates can get expensive, so it’s important that the shipment is done with the least amount of crates possible. To do this, you have to understand the dimensions of what you’re shipping and choose a container to fit those needs.


The items you have may need individual wrapping to protect the contents during transit. Examples include desks with a glass face, or computers just to name a few. You might have to bubble wrap these items. This throws off your measurements, as the bubble wrap will inevitably make the package thicker by as much as a half inch. Also remember that perishable items require refrigerated containers to keep them cool during transport.

Shipping Container Dimensions

If you know the shipping container dimensions, you can begin to form a rough picture of how many crates it will take you to ship the items you need. There are also different sizes to be aware of, so rather than buying a new container you might be able to get by with a slightly taller or wider one. Containers also have different points of entry, giving you more or less access depending on what you need. For instance, some containers do not have a roof, others are missing side doors. This allows your workers to unload or load much more efficiently.

Shipping Container Sizes

ISO containers come in a variety of sizes, and can feature different attachments. You can find them insulated or refrigerated, and find ones with different points of acess. Packaging can add significantly to your measurements, so it’s important that you speak with a professional mover before you plan a shipment.

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