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Open Top Conex Box

Looking for an open top Conex box for your next shipping or storage project? Open top boxes are available in 6 metres length, or 12 metres length. These have soft top tarpaulins, however also available in hard tops. The tarpaulin roof has bow supports and a removable header rail. These containers also have a set of double container doors at one end allowing easy access for you for your product being stored, or for a small forklift to access cargo too.

Hard top storage conex boxes feature a steel roof that can very easily be removed by a crane by following a few simple steps. They are water tight, and vermin proof. They are structurally of a great quality and like all containers, can be certified for shipping or rail.

Open Top Conex Box for Tall Equipments

Open top conex boxes are often purchased for machinery or equipment that exceeds the standard height of a shipping container and needs special freight overseas. These containers have marine ply flooring, however are available with steel flooring too.

Open Top Conex Box for Rental

You can choose from a storage container rental or a brand new open top conex box. However we would always recommend a fresh coat of paint on the second hand units to ensure the container will sit neat and tidy on your site or property, and hold their fantastic resell value for you or your company. When Port Containers paint our units, we give them a full refurbishment, primer then fresh coat of paint. These will have more than just the one coat of paint to ensure the original colour on the container doesn’t bleed through over a period of time. Whether you paint the unit to match your company colours, or just the environment the unit will be placed in, these units look fresh and tidy once they’ve had that refurbish and coat of paint.

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