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Portable Buildings From Shipping Containers

Portable buildings from shipping containers is seeing wide deployment. As resources become more and more scarce across the world, engineers and legislators are looking for more methods to create affordable housing that can fit families. Especially in remote parts of the world, where materials may be scarce. Buildings made out of cargo containers are  capable of standing on their own, and can easily hook up to the grid for water and power services.

Green Building Principles

Green building principles strive to take local materials and reuse as much as possible. These projects tend to take an extremely efficient approach to building, deploying fixtures that cut waste or using high-quality materials like double pane windows to cut down on long-term heating costs. This type of construction is gaining popularity, especially in the developing world.

Container Home Structural Design

Basic design of these structures relies on shipping container dimensions that are large enough to transport stock in bulk. The same containers used on freighters are converted into homes rather easily. Contractors don’t do much work to the containers themselves, but will tweak layout to suit a certain style. Stairs are easy to add internally or externally for multi-level projects, and geometric designs give a very modern look.

Used Shipping Containers for Apartment Complexes and College Dormitories 

Even used shipping containers for sale can find new use as a structure for a family in need. The design trend is also catching on, with shipping containers used to build apartment complexes and college dormitories.

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