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Refrigerated Container Overview

Only a refrigerated container is specifically designed to store temperature sensitive cargo. Do you have perishable items or need to keep your goods cool? Let’s have a quick overview at refrigerated containers and why they are essential to store or ship certain goods.

Keep Your Goods Cool in a Refrigerated Container

Made of stainless steel, refrigerated containers can keep your goods between minus 25 and 25 degrees. Use them to store or ship products. Watertight and durable, a 20’ container can hold 60,000 pounds of temperature sensitive cargo. We offer both 20’ and 40’ containers that are available in tilt tray, side loader, or semi flat bed.

Temperature Sensitive Cargo

When most of us hear the words refrigerated container, we think food. But food such as seafood is not the only type of product that can be shipped or stored in these sea containers. Other types of products that are usually shipped or stored in refrigerated containers include pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals. The whole idea is that your products will be delivered or stored in the same condition as you found them.

Buy or Rent Your Refrigerated Container

At Port Containers, we make it possible for our customers to purchase or rent refrigerated containers. If you own a company that offers temperature-sensitive goods, it’s time to have your own shipping container. But if you’re merely moving your items from one place to another, consider renting a container to save money. To learn more about our shipping containers or to request a quote, please contact Port Containers USA today.