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Repurposed Shipping Containers | Shipping Container Duplex in East Austin

Today we continue our series of posts about innovative uses of shipping containers. If you think that shipping containers only serve one purpose, it’s time to change your thinking. These versatile containers can be reused in a variety of exciting ways, including to create unique residential homes. Shipping container repurposing company, Sige&Honey, created this fabulous shipping container duplex in East Austin’s popular Mueller district.

Stunning Live-Work Space

This unique shipping container duplex was designed with the person who works from home in mind. With a two-bedroom setting, the first bedroom serves as the master, and the second can be used as a home studio or workshop. Of course, it could be used as a guest bedroom as well. Both bedrooms open onto a cozy patio, helping to merge the exterior with the interior.

The interior decor of the home features beautiful artwork and unique accents that can provide inspiration for the resident’s creative work. Natural light abounds throughout, making it easy to get work done throughout the day in an uplifting, energizing environment.

The main living area of this shipping container duplex follows an open floor plan, blurring the lines between the kitchen, dining room and living room. High 11-foot ceilings make the property feel much more expansive than its nearly-1,500 sq.ft. floor plan.

Although the property is largely constructed from conex boxes, you can hardly tell just by looking at the structure. The exterior of the shipping container duplex is covered with Hardie plank siding to hide the shipping container look. Different areas of the home are clad with either vertical or horizontal slats, creating added visual interest with a modular appearance.

Because this home duplex is so unique, it has been featured on numerous home and garden television shows, as well as on a variety of local and national news programs. As it is located in one of the most popular districts in Austin, it is also a popular sightseeing spot for architecture and design buffs.

Shipping Containers and More

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