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Repurposed Shipping Containers | 21-Container House in Brooklyn

Repurposing used shipping containers is one of the hottest trends in the architecture industry right now. These versatile containers are popping up everywhere from hotels to private residences. Today, we’ll continue our series on innovative uses of shipping containers with an incredible single-family 21-container house in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood.

21-Container House in BrooklynMaking the Most of Shipping Containers | Container House in Brooklyn

This unique Brooklyn home is constructed from 21 used shipping containers. While some of the repurposed shipping containers were used whole, the architecture team at LOT-EK sliced several of them along a diagonal to create a steplike structure. All of the pieces that were cut off were then used elsewhere in the structure so that no part of the shipping containers went to waste.

The lot that the property is built on measures just 25 feet by 100 feet, so most of the space in this 5,000 square-foot home is spread out over the four interior levels. There is a basement underneath the home, providing parking and storage space. The first floor features an incredible home theater space with bleacher-style seating.

The second floor of this 21-container house in Brooklyn is comprised of the dining area and main living room. The third floor is where you’ll find the bedrooms and an open play area for children. Finally, the fourth floor contains the master suite, complete with an en suite bathroom and a powder room. There is even a small swimming pool situated between the lower two levels.

Thanks to the diagonal cut of the shipping containers, the rear of the property forms four outdoor terraces. Each of these terraces is accessible through glass sliding doors on each floor, helping to bring a bit of the outdoors inside. All of the terraces are shielded from the eyes of passersby down below at street level.

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