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Repurposed Shipping Containers | Brooklyn Carriage House

In continuing our repurposed shipping container series, this week we’ll be looking at a stunning
Brooklyn Carriage House. This one is a bit different from the other shipping container applications
we’ve been looking at in that the shipping containers are not readily visible from the exterior of the
building, although the facade gives a nod to the surprise inside.

Brooklyn Carriage House

Breaking Up the Shipping Containers | Brooklyn Carriage House

Rather than keeping the shipping containers whole, as we have seen in our past posts, the
architecture team behind this project chose to cut the containers to use in various elements
throughout the property. LOT-EK Architecture & Design is the mastermind behind the Brooklyn
Carriage House, and its team retrofitted four shipping containers to add a modern penthouse to
the classic property.

From the street, this property stands out, as it does not look like the other carriage house
properties in Brooklyn. The facade is painted with a matte finish and bold diagonal stripes, giving it
a modern look. Accents of bright orange hint at the shipping container components inside and on
the building’s roof.

Cut sections of the shipping containers make up the sides of the stairwells throughout the property,
leading all the way up to the rooftop penthouse, constructed from two shipping containers. The
architects continued the diagonal theme on the penthouse, using diagonal cut-outs to house large
window panes.

The upper container of the penthouse at the Brooklyn Carriage House creates a fenced rooftop terrace
that is perfect for enjoying sunsets in the evening. The bright orange hue creates a cheery atmosphere,
even when the sun isn’t shining.

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