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Repurposed Shipping Containers – Common Ground 

Shipping containers are often used for transporting goods, disposing of trash, storing items and other tasks. However, these repurposed shipping containers offer more possibilities than their standard uses. This is the first of a series of 10 posts showcasing some of the amazing ways that shipping containers have been put to use in unconventional ways around the world. The first such example is Common Ground in Seoul, South Korea.

Common Ground – Shopping, Reimagined

Common Ground stands alone as the largest repurposed shipping container shopping mall in the entire world. What began as a pop-up shopping experience has now become a premier destinations for shoppers from across the globe.

It features more than 200 standalone stores offering a wide variety of goods, including clothing for men, women and children, home goods, electronics and more. Locals and tourists alike love this shopping spot for the diversity of products it provides, coupled with a unique environment that makes shopping there an experience to remember.

Common Ground goes beyond just standard shopping mall fare. It houses flea markets and farmer’s markets in addition to the regular retail stores. Outlet shops, department stores and even grocery stores round out the offerings. Common Ground even has duty-free shops to help travelers avoid paying local taxes on their purchases.

The overall shopping experience is unlike any other in the world, and not just because it is all set inside repurposed shipping containers. Everything is bright and colorful, creating an impressive shopping environment that appeals to shoppers young and old.

The Shipping Containers You Need

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