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Repurposed Shipping Containers | Costa Rican Home and Art Gallery

For the last few weeks, we’ve been discussing innovative uses for shipping containers around the world, and today we continue that series with another incredible shipping container home. Designed for photographer Sergio Pucci, this stunning Costa Rican home and art gallery provides the perfect live-work space for his needs.

Costa Rican Home and Art GalleryA Zen Utopia | Costa Rican Home and Art Gallery

Pucci’s home is constructed from four retired shipping containers from nearby port city, San Jose. Architect Maria Jose Trejos rose to the challenge of creating this Costa Rican home and art gallery for Pucci, sliding the containers around like puzzle pieces during the planning stage. While the containers create their own interior space, Trejos utilized the area around them as well to create open spaces and to capture plenty of natural light.

It wasn’t just the shipping containers that were recycled, though; Trejos also used recycled and repurposed materials for creating interior features, like stairs and cabinets. The property features a large cedar tree, which needed to be trimmed a bit to accommodate the home. Trejos incorporated the wood from the tree throughout the home, blurring the lines between outdoors and indoors.

That cedar tree is the focal point of an expansive interior courtyard but that is not the only area that brings in nature. The roof of the home features artificial turf and a beautiful sail canopy, a nod to Pucci’s wife, who teaches aerial yoga. This outdoor terrace is also ideal for hosting gatherings with family and friends.

The home also includes an art gallery where Pucci can showcase his work. The main interior courtyard doubles as a photo studio and reception area for visiting gallery guests. Because there is so much natural light throughout, Pucci can photograph subjects inside his home without worrying about having enough light.

To keep in line with the Pucci family’s environmentalist values, the roof of this Costa Rican home and art gallery is painted white to reflect the sunlight and cut down on cooling costs. The roof also features a solar panel system for heating water, and a rainwater reservoir collects the ample rain that falls in the area throughout the year for use in and around the home.

There’s plenty of room for fun and games in this home. Pucci specifically requested a fire pole, a childhood dream of his, to get down from the second floor into the courtyard. Aerial silks and hammocks are scattered around the property as well for Pucci’s wife and her yoga students.

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