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Repurposed Shipping Containers | A Mobile Hotel

For the next installment in our repurposed shipping container series, we’re talking about a hotel in
the Czech Republic. However, this isn’t just any old hotel; it’s a mobile hotel made from repurposed shipping containers. It is designed to be deconstructed, moved and reconstructed in a new location
whenever the owners like. Here’s what you need to know about it.

A Mobile HotelThe ContainHotel | A Mobile Hotel

Appropriately named the ContainHotel, this innovative accommodation facility is made entirely from
recycled shipping containers. The mobile hotel encompasses five guest rooms and is capable of
accommodating up to 13 guests. One private room is situated on the bottom floor, while the top
floor houses four adjoining rooms with a shared terrace for relaxing in the evenings. The communal
bathroom is also located on the ground floor.

The ContainHotel features innovative sunshades made from local wood planks to help regulate the
temperature inside the containers. This gives the mobile hotel a more natural look, helping it to fit in with
its surroundings and allowing guests to commune with nature. All of the guest rooms feature floor to-ceiling windows on one side, bringing the natural environment right into the rooms.

The mobile hotel is currently located near a popular surfing site in the Czech Republic, but it could up and
move at any time. An internal water reservoir provides running water for the bathroom and guest
rooms so there is no need to connect to the local plumbing system. All the hotel needs is a local
power source to get up and running. The containers sit on railroad sleepers to minimize the impact
on the local environment after the containers have moved on to the next site.

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