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Repurposed Shipping Containers | Pop-Up Hotel Rooms

Over the last couple of months, we have been featuring a variety of uses for old shipping containers. Thus far, most of the properties we’ve highlighted have been permanent structures, so today, we are looking at something a bit different. In this installment we look at the amazing pop-up hotel rooms that are now taking the world by storm.

Pop-Up Hotel Rooms Anywhere

There are countless beautiful places to explore all over the world, but not all of them have easy access to lodging options in the area. This is especially true in Australia, where most of the country’s population live along the coasts. However, in a country that is roughly the size of the United States, that leaves a lot of space that hasn’t been built up.

Repurposed shipping containers can create lodging space where there previously was none. An Australian company, Contained, makes great use of shipping containers in creating their portable pop-up hotel rooms.

Each 20-foot container makes a standalone room that includes a queen-size bed, a living room area with a wet bar, and a bathroom with a shower. One side of the container opens up to the outside world, revealing a raised patio area with a retractable awning. Contained has put its pop-up shipping container hotel rooms to good use in a variety of areas, including vineyards, wilderness retreats and more.

In addition to creating pop-up hotel rooms, the company also makes tiny houses out of shipping containers for those who wish to free themselves from the weight of having too much stuff. In the future, the brand hopes to expand its locations to include golf courses, rooftops and other unique places.

pop-up hotel rooms
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