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Repurposing Shipping Containers

Repurposing shipping containers can give old shipping containers new lives, such as a portable office or even a full-blown portable home.

A brand new conex container can serve its owner well for a number of years, but more people are finding uses for retired containers that get fazed out of transportation. Companies get rid of shipping containers because they buy new ones with better insulation, the old containers take too much of a beating, or because they want to revamp their line. That’s where you can save on something you can use for some grandiose new project. Here are some examples of past modifications performed to shipping containers.

Repurposing a Shipping Container into a Portable Office

Repurposing a shipping container into a portable office is easier than it seems. A few containers is all it takes to construct a small office. There are more of these installations popping up all over the world. Workers outfit the containers with windows, sometimes replacing entire walls. Containers can also be worked into an existing structure, forming an intriguing geometric shape for a building with otherwise flat edges. Add an external stair case so staff can move in between levels if you plan to stack more than two atop each other.


Shipping container dimensions are almost perfect for a college dorm room. There is enough room for a student to move all of his or her things into, and walls can be retrofitted with additional insulation to make the structure habitable during the winter and summer months.

Repurposing a Shipping Container into a Portable Home

One can fashion an entire home out of shipping containers. You just need a solid foundation to start building from. Containers can be welded together, and stairwells are easy to create for those who want a multi-level house. Remove walls to link containers up and form a larger living space too. It’s space efficient, cheap, and the design looks attractive in a very modern sense.

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