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Shipping Container Culture Hubs Popping Up Over UK

In the UK, shipping containers are being used to create cutting-edge commerce, business and culture hubs. These trendy hotspots have a unique appeal. Because they are built from steel shipping containers, they are flexible and inexpensive. The latest container market, planned for Reading in Berkshire, in fact, is only intended to be a temporary structure, creating a pop-up hub for art, dining, and trade to signal future regeneration for the area.

The first two developments, Boxpark in London and Krynkl in Sheffield are already successful as urban centres. Cost-friendly, sustainable and versatile, the unique characteristics of shipping containers as pop-up building materials are revolutionizing the way cities approach urban development projects.

London’s Boxpark

Boxpark is the first ever pop-up mall in the world and has paved a way for the future movements towards establishing other shipping container culture hubs around the United Kingdom. The Shoreditch location opened in 2011 and at the time was a groundbreaking architectural concept. The park was built entirely from refitted conex boxes, which dramatically reduced the price of the project. This made it possible to offer affordable and flexible leases for the type of local, artisan brands that would help the area flourish.

In 2016, Boxpark Croydon was launched, with a slightly different twist. Shoreditch offers lifestyle brands, dining, art galleries and traders, whilst Croydon is focused on local restaurants and pubs, as well as being one of the coolest event spaces in London.

Krynkl in Sheffield

Krynkl uses the more affordable, Eco-friendly nature of shipping container architecture to support independent businesses and local artists. The Krynkl is branded as, one of the most exciting culture hubs in the city to work, exercise and play. It’s a trendy co-work and play space being made from 29 shipping containers making it perfect for the 21st Century creative.

New Culture Hubs – New Shipping Container Market Set for Reading

culture hubs

The latest of these developments just received approval from the city at the beginning of 2018. The plan is for the shipping container market to stay in Reading for five years. It will be made from 16 containers and will be a place to shop, eat, and check out local artists.

The beauty of shipping container urban development is that containers offer remarkable opportunities for small and new businesses, with many of these culture hubs paving the way for more creative designs and ideas to be implemented. With lower overhead costs and the ability to create an entire pop-up market or community, for the first time ever, artists, innovators and creative local brands have a haven where they can thrive and inspire within normally high-rent urban spaces.