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Shipping Container Delivery

Port Containers offers shipping container delivery to any location you need. We offer a wide range of containers, varying in size and condition. When a container is being delivered transport will use the appropriate vehicle for your site requirements and for the size of the container you are purchasing.

Shipping Container Delivery on Tilt Trays

Tilt trays are available for 20 ft containers and 40 ft containers, the standard tilt tray is like a tow truck, the container will slide off the back of the truck allowing the unit to go in to your driveway, or site easily. The super tilt trays have a maximum length of 12 metres which allows for 40 foot containers to be transported. Like the standard tilt tray the 40’ container will slide off the back of the truck into the required position on site.

Shipping Container Delivery on Hi-Ab Truck

A Hi-Ab truck is also available for your delivery. You will require a hi-ab truck if your site location has restrictive space for the vehicle to get into. A small hand crane is attached to the hi-ab which can lift your shipping container off the truck either side, either end. These are perfect if you are concerned with your shipping container being positioned to the location you require.

Side Loader for 40 Foot Shipping Container Delivery

A side loader is also a truck frequently used for delivery of 40 foot containers. However, we can deliver a 20 ft or 10 ft container with this truck if it is required. The containers are off loaded to the drivers side of the truck and are about the size of a semi, so good access is required on site.

Ask Port Containers for your Shipping Container Delivery Needs

Port Containers offers delivery to any location you need and have many other available trucks for transport if required. If you are concerned about your container being placed into the perfect position for your site or property, we will do our utmost best to ensure our drivers deliver and position your container exactly where it is required.

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