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Shipping Container Swimming Pools

Although steel shipping containers were originally designed to keep water out, it follows that (with a few adaptations) they do a pretty amazing job of keeping it in. Whoever first thought of adapting a Conex box to fill the role of a swimming pool was on to a winner! It’s not as crazy an idea as you may think and shipping container pools are now springing up all over the US and across the world.

A cheap, fast way to join the pool-owning set

If you’ve always dreamt of owning pool but live in the only house on your street not to have somewhere to cool off, a customized shipping container could soon bring much welcome relief. Although Port Containers USA aren’t in the business of adapting Conex boxes, there are many companies out there that happily do the job for you. And what a conversation piece this clever pool design will be once it’s installed – you’ll soon be the talk of the neighbourhood!

Swimming-Pool-in-a-Shipping-ContainerGet a Professional Company Adapt Your Shipping Container

A quick search of the worldwide web will reveal dozens of examples of adapted shipping container pools and you can even find instructions on how to do it yourself, although Port Containers will always recommend you use a professional engineering company, who can show you successful examples of their previous commissions – caveat emptor! With our standard Conex boxes coming in lengths of 20 and 40-feet, there’s plenty of room for you to grind out a few daily laps in and get in shape for the beach.

Your life will change radically for the better, especially in those long summer breaks, when the kids are driving you crazy and demanding to be entertained. With a shipping container pool in your back yard, they can invite all their friends round to your very own neighbourhood water park! You’ll wonder how you ever survived summer without one.

But let’s not forget us long-suffering adults. Once the kids have exhausted themselves and been herded upstairs to bed, it’s time to break out the barbecue, ice those beers and crank up the music – it’s pool party time at your crib! You’ll suddenly find you have a lot more friends than you thought you had and weekends will be a ball.

Genuine Swimming Pools Built, Not Just Tanks of Water

The adaptation of Conex boxes has rapidly become big business and designs ever more refined. You can even choose between chlorine, magnesium or salt water filtration systems. Pools are generally lined with fibreglass, which offers a smooth surface (no metal to graze you) and is both flexible and durable. Corten steel shipping containers are designed to tolerate a life at sea of at least 25-years and many companies engaged in their adaptation are offering similar product guarantees. Your containers can be clad in attractive timber in your choice of color and smart decking built around it. Pools come ready to assemble by technicians and all you need do is add water!

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