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Shipping Container Types

There are various shipping container types that carry different benefits for the manufacturer. Freight is carried by truck, train or boat all over the world, but the needs of every shipment are different. Below are the main shipping container types that manufacturers use to ship their goods to consumers.

General Purpose Shipping Containers

General purpose shipping containers are the most common variety. They commonly come in 53’ lengths, and they are used to move stock across open waters or on the road. These crates are designed to fit to a trailer using a female to female connector with a lock to bind them. They can also be outfitted with a secure lock box, which makes it difficult for someone to apply bolt cutters to the lock and gain unauthorized entry.

Insulated and Refrigerated Containers

If you are moving perishable stock, you’ll want a refrigerated conex container that can regulate a certain temperature. The cold chain refers to the amount of time that stock spends at the proper temperature, and long distance transit will rely on refrigerated units for that temperature. These units are also insulated, to prevent a loss of cool air throughout the trip.

Open Top Container and Side Opening Container

You can also find an intermodal container that opens from the top or the side. This is a design that makes it easier for work crews to unload freight from a certain angle. With an open top crate, for example, a crane can retrieve stock without displacing the crate. Crates that open on the side are also beneficial, especially in remote areas where easy access is a challenge.

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