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Shipping Containers Cleveland | Ohio

Port Containers USA bring you the best range of high-quality shipping containers available in Cleveland, Ohio for purchase or rental. We have everything you need in a wide choice of sizes, from standard Conex boxes to refrigerated and flat rack versions. We deliver Cleveland-wide, from Lakewood to Cleveland Heights and across the state of Ohio.

Shipping Containers for Collection or Delivery to Your Site

Wherever you are in Cleveland or along the shores of Lake Erie, we can get a shipping container to you in a hurry, if needed, provided our delivery trucks can access your site. With key local industries including automotive manufacture, oil & gas, metal production and fabrication, food processing and paint manufacture, Port Shipping Containers experience a huge demand for our sturdy and reliable boxes.

Shipping Containers Cleveland containers for sale stacked Conex boxes in multiple colours

Specialized Containers for Perishable Loads

Cleveland is renowned for its food production with several large manufacturers and processers of dairy products, confectionery, bakery products, poultry and beer having busy facilities within the city. Our insulated and refrigerated containers (reefers) are the perfect means for storing or transporting loads that require a degree of temperature control to avoid spoiling. They are intermodal and ISO-compliant and come in lengths up to 48-feet, ensuring they are also ideal for exporting goods.

Added Security Brings Peace of Mind

It’s important that your loads are protected and all our robust, Corten steel boxes provide stiff challenges for would-be thieves. If you couple them with anti-theft devices, like lock-boxes and alarms, most would go and find a softer target. Naturally, they are also great at defying the harshest weather and storms at sea.

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