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Shipping Containers Detroit | Michigan

Port Containers USA offer Detroit businesses the finest quality, steel shipping containers for purchase or rental. We deliver regular Conex boxes plus a range of specialized units throughout the Motor City and across the state of Michigan.

Shipping Containers Delivered Directly to Your Location

We promise fast delivery to neighbourhoods throughout Detroit, from St Clair Shores to Ann Arbor. The city’s ten counties are home to over a quarter of a million businesses, many of which regularly require extra storage space in a hurry, on a short or long-term basis. This could be a local hardware store needing extra space for its stock at busy times of the year or one of the many emerging technology companies looking to store computer hardware, having run out of office space. I most cases Port Containers can come to the rescue by rushing a Conex box to you by truck, often within 24-hours.

Shipping Containers Detroit - containers for sale or rent.

Mainstay of US Exporters

Shipping containers are the reliable, supremely versatile answer to exporting your goods overseas or interstate. Nothing resists harsh weather and pounding ocean waves like a watertight Conex box, thanks to its rust-resistant, Corten steel construction. Loading and unloading is smooth and fast, thank to intermodal design which allows fast transfer between different modes of transport – truck, train or boat.

Specialized Shipping Containers

Dry goods can be safely transported in a standard box but perishable or awkward loads need specialized containers in various lengths up to 48-feet. These range from high cube, open top and flat rack, to insulated and fully refrigerated models.

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