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Shipping Containers Kansas City | Missouri

Port Containers USA supply high-quality, steel shipping containers for rental or purchase, at extremely competitive prices. If you’re based in Kansas City, Missouri and looking to source standard Conex boxes or specialized containers to ship or store awkward or perishable loads, ours is the first number to call.

Shipping Containers Kansas City - containers for sale

Shipping Containers Delivered Directly to Your Location

Kansas City is both the second largest rail hub and the third largest trucking hub in the US, meaning there’s always high demand for shipping containers. At Port Containers, we aim to deliver your order as rapidly as possible and our busy trucks regularly run throughout the city and across Missouri and Kansas. Conex boxes are both spacious and extremely versatile. The watertight units are ideal for safely storing a huge variety of farm produce, mechanical parts, retail stock, supplies for the construction industry, timber and much more.

Perfectly Designed for Long-Distance Haulage

Kansas City is the country’s third largest beef producing city and our refrigerated shipping containers are by far the best method of transporting bulk, fresh meat. Their intermodal design guarantees there is little delay in transferring them between trucks, trains and boats, without the cost of unloading them. All our units are made from rugged, Corten steel, which is corrosion-resistant and can easily handle all that the elements and the open seas can throw at it. Add lock boxes and they become pretty impregnable to thieves.

Different Containers for Different Loads

Our Kansas City depot supplies not only standard Conex boxes in sizes up to 48-feet, but also offers a wide range of shipping containers designed to handle awkward, oversized or perishable cargoes. We have flat racks, open tops, high cubes, reefers, insulated and side-opening versions.

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